A Sweet Idea That's Nothing Bundt Cakes

Customer Profile

When two best friends couldn’t find a good cake except for a grocery store cake, they put their heads together – and their talents – and started baking their own.  Debbie Schwetz, and Dena Tripp began baking cakes out of Debbie’s kitchen in Las Vegas, Nevada; Debbie baked the cakes while Dena decorated them. 

In the beginning, they gave away a lot of free cakes, then realized they had a market and turned their hobby into a full time business.  After  incorporating their company in 1997, they outgrew Debbie’s kitchen and opened their first retail location in 1998. With a booming business on their hands they went on to open two more retail locations in 2002 and 2003, and began franchising in 2006.

Business Situation

To keep up with the increasing demand of their  product,  Nothing Bundt Cakes needed a retail point of sale system to speed up their  transactions.  Debbie explained, “Our first Christmas we had to shut our doors because we couldn’t keep up with the amount of business we had. We realized we needed to get on the technology bandwagon.”

They also needed tighter control over their inventory, sales, and potential employee theft. Although not a huge problem, employee theft had become an issue due to hand written receipts and poorly kept records of sales. According to Debbie, “We had paper everywhere – orders, receipts, you name it. It was very difficult to manage employee transactions, follow up on a sale or problem, or make business projections doing business this way.”


In 2000, when Debbie and Dena started looking into POS systems, they read books on what a system should have and talked with other businesses about their Systems but couldn’t really find anything specific to their industry. As Debbie points out, “We’re unusual – we’re a retail bakery and we needed retail support, but we also needed a program that would take care of future deliveries. We take orders and run transactions in advance.  Most of our orders are phone orders, and we don’t deliver the product until a later date.”  Unable to find exactly what they needed, they ended up choosing Quicksell.  

Debbie stated, “Originally we looked at the Microsoft Retail Management System but we felt it was pretty new and expensive, so we shied away from it.” However, in 2003 when they opened their third location they felt RMS was the solution that could handle their unique business model. Debbie and Dena found that RMS, along with a little customization, was the perfect fit for their bakery business. When they opened their third location in Phoenix, Arizona, they opened it with RMS and subsequently migrated all of their stores from Quicksell to RMS. They are currently running RMS Store Operations in all of their stores along with RMS Headquarters for back office management.

The Right Partners

After talking with different consultants, Debbie and Dena were given POSitive Technology’s name as a solutions provider. “We found that POSitive Technology was able to customize the RMS program and meet our needs.  The installation went great, we only had a few minor glitches and they were taken care of immediately.” And, says Debbie, “Laurie Sheridan, our POSitive Technology  Customer Experience Manager, did a fabulous job. She was always available and always had an answer for us. She went the extra mile to provide the information we needed. The fact that POSitive has that kind of position is really, really helpful.”

The Benefits

Nothing Bundt Cakes now has 33 employees with about 16 of them trained on RMS. Debbie says, “RMS has reduced employee theft, as well as reducing waste because of the inventory  aspect, and it has allowed us to provide better customer service through the use of the customer purchase history function.” And, “The credit card swipe function on each monitor is really helpful and saved us some money on our transaction fees.” 

One unexpected benefit for Nothing Bundt Cakes was the use of touch screens. “The fact that touch screens are an option is fabulous. Training is extremely simplified and the ability to program the touch screen step-by-step is a tremendous benefit. It is much more difficult for customer service representatives to forget any part of our ordering process,” says Debbie.  Also, “Our managers find it very user friendly for finding receipts, checking transactions, and checking the journal.  RMS is an all around easy system for all involved.” 

Headquarters has also proved useful in their back office management.  “The fact that we can change prices company wide and send descriptions and pricing to all the computers is so helpful. When we were doing it by hand, we were handwriting labels and pricing and it was a mess. We had different pricing at each location, whereas now, it has standardized our ability to price items and communicate with the stores more effectively.”  Debbie points out, “The ease and accessibility of reports is great. The ability to check sales and different department sales really works well with our company stores and will help franchisees by allowing them to see where they are having trouble. In addition, downloading a franchisee report is a piece of cake!”

In the Future

Nothing Bundt Cakes will use RMS in new corporate stores they open and their franchise stores will be required to use RMS as their point of sale system. They are also planning on integrating web sales into RMS with NitroSell integrated webstores for Microsoft RMS, to automatically synchronize their WebStore with the store database.