Retail Management System - Integrated Webstores

"Revenues have tripled since we got on the Web with Microsoft Retail Management System and NitroSell. The magic of NitroSell is that all in-store data is instantly available in your WebStore. One database serves both systems, and 90% of data maintenance is done in RMS."
- Greg Schroeder, Managing Partner, Amazing Grapes Store



The Most Resilient Integration on the Market:

Unlike other eCommerce providers in the market, NitroSell does not rely on any third party companies to guarantee integration. We however offer a complete out-of-the-box turn-key solution that just works!

  • Schedule automated downloads of Web orders
  • Uploads all customer, shipping and tax information to your Store automatically
  • Order processing done through point-of-sale system
  • Scheduled Inventory updates between RMS and Webstore
  • Integrated inventory control.
  • Reporting managed through RMS

You can manage inventory with complete visibility. Using the very same database, NitroSell eCommerce lets users publish or take products off in seconds. Changing item descriptions, photos, and prices in the main system can change them on the Web site with a click. Details of Web sales drop painlessly into Microsoft Retail Management System to allow comprehensive visibility, reporting and management.


Why Integration Instead of a Standalone WebStore?

An integrated WebStore allows you to leverage your existing RMS data and extend it to the web in a seamless manner. Dual data entry and management of two stores (online and offline) is eliminated since your WebStore is connected to your instore system. With NitroSell your WebStore is automatically synchronized with your instore system every 15 minutes ensuring stockouts are a thing of the past. Orders placed online are automatically downloaded and imported into the RMS POS for processing. The day-to-day reality with Standalone is that youíre managing two separate businesses. House keeping with your virtual store is near impossible. You have to predict what to buy for each store plus Web site sales. Site maintenance becomes unmanagable when you need to tweak hundreds of things each day Ė changing an item price, marking items as sold out, creating new items, description changes etc.

With Standalone your Web sales donít slide into your main database. You need to manually enter each new customer name, all the SKU (stock-keeping units) they bought and their prices into your store system.

NitroSell however is every stores equalizer. Design your site; enter your data once and start selling, is that simple! We understand that retail requires maintaining your changing customers and product data - but why do everything twice?


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