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  • We Make Fantastic
    Retail Software

  • Venue and Event Retail

    Fast, resilient and easy to learn Point of Sale. Used in more than 50 premier venues and countless pop up and traveling events, OpSuitePOS is optimized for your entertainment retail requirements. 
  • Outgrown your entry level POS?

    Have you outgrown your entry level POS provided by a payment processor? Do you need a complete retail system to kick off your new business? QoinPOS is for you! Designed with the same modern technology of OpSuite, Qoin can get you started with a modern growth oriented solution.

  • Microsoft RMS Replacement

    We installed and support more Microsoft Retail Management Store Operations software than anyone in the world.  We also built the best replacement for it. The OpSuite Retail Ecosystem modernizes your entire retail technology and RETAINS all your RMS data.
  • "Curated" Retail Technology

    One relationship to get everything you need to be successful in retail. Our "Curated Retail" offering includes all the hardware and software you need to run your multi-channel retail operation and includes all the people you need. IT Staff, Web Designer, Retail Consultant, and Marketing Consultant for one monthly fee.

Venue and Event

The fastest venue retail POS that helps you maximize your revenue in the limited time of an event. Featuring traditional POS, Mobile, Self Checkout, in venue ordering and delivery and event pre-orders. OpSuite has all your needs covered!

Garden and Nursery

POS that goes anywhere on the property or extends to the customer's location. Built-in customer loyalty and tracking, OpSuite features integrated ecommerce with instore pickup plus farm management for those who grow and sell!

Curated Retail

Want all of the features that the OpSuite Retail Ecosystem delivers but don't have the staff or time to operate the solution? We offer our curated retail option where we do all the work and deliver everything OpSuite has to offer for one monthly fee.

Migrate to OpSuite

Are you currently using Microsoft RMS, Counterpoint, Retail Pro, or QuickBooks POS? Are you ready to modernize your retail software? Lose the servers and the high cost of maintenance. Migrate your business to the OpSuite Retail Ecosystem! 

OpSuiteOFFICE - Ready Anywhere on Any Device

Operate your retail business from any internet enabled device.  Setup stores, items, users or configure your POS devices. Access real time data and run your business efficiently. Learn how OpSuiteOFFICE can empower your retail operation.

Speedy POS

If you need speed in your POS, you have come to the right place. Many customers have cashiers ringing sales in under a minute and are seeing self checkout in 68 seconds!

Self Checkout

 Recent surveys show customers would rather self checkout than go to a cashier if they are buying fewer than 10 items.  Affordable self checkout is here!


5 locations? 500 locations? OpSuite gets you there. Designed from the beginning as a scalable solution, OpSuite supports customers that need to handle multiple locations.


BOPIS? Buy Online Pickup In Store. We have it - you need it. Our integrated ecommerce and loyalty programs give you the ability to keep your customers coming back!

Know Your Customer

Today's modern retail requires you interact with your customers to give them a complete experience. The OpSuite Retail Ecosystem has all the touch points to keep your customers coming back!

Comprehensive Data

OpSuite not only allows you to collect comprehensive data but also gives you the tools to act on it. Built-in industry leading analytics and reporting the end user can manipulate as needed to answer what is selling to who!

Extensive Expertise

We have hundreds of years of retail experience on our team. Let us help you achieve your goals and share best practices to get you quickly to up to speed. Every customer can interact with our industry experts.

Tailored to Fit Your Business

You know what you are trying to achieve. We can help you tailor the OpSuite solution to match those ideas. We designed OpSuite Ecosystem to be highly flexible and configurable often with multiple options to achieve the same result.

Modern Technology

Our solutions are built for the modern interconnected world of retail. We have been in the cloud for more than 15 years and we built the most comprehensive app based POS to provide local resilience and a modern and easy to learn solution for today's retail employees.

Retail Experts

We have the experience of more than 20 years of focus on our core retail markets.  Our consultants and engineers bring this knowledge to every engagement. We also provide the opportunity for customers to add functionality to our offerings.

Engage Customers

Today's retail environment requires you to engage your customers more than ever.  We have the tools, techniques and data to help you identify, incentivize and retain your hard earned customers.

Ongoing Support

Initial implementation is just the start. At POSitive Technology, a live person is just a phone call away. Need to discuss a problem? Want to know the best way to achieve a goal? Or just bounce ideas off of us - we are always ready to engage and help you succeed!

The Complete Package

We strive to provide you a one-stop partner for all of your retail technology needs.

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Do you have specific problems you are trying to solve? Request a consultation with our solution architects and bring your challenges. We have over 20 years of experience to share!

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