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Complete Garden Center Point of Sale

Solutions for Point of Sale (POS) at the counter, order and inventory management in the yard, and solutions for taking your POS anywhere you do business. From supporting detailed instructions for delivery orders to checking out your customers faster than any other POS, OpSuite keeps the green industry growing. OpSuite is a modern server-less solution that works anywhere you have an internet connection.

Counter or Yard POS

The OpSuite Retail Ecosystem provides a modern, always available retail management and POS solution that can be used effectively everywhere your nursery or garden center needs to operate.  OpSuite features various online and resident apps that all work as one connected solution allowing anyone in the organization to instantly access vital inventory, customer, or sales data.  Checkout the video to see OpSuite's various POS functions in action on both stationary and mobile devices. 

Self Checkout

The world of retail has changed forever. Now more than ever, you need tools that add to your customers' in-store experience and make you more sales without increasing costs. Self Checkout has come to all corners of retail and we are happy to offer an affordable speedy self checkout solution that will delight your customers. Recent surveys of customer shopping trends show that for the first time, customers would rather use self checkout with under 10 items than work with a cashier. See how OpSuite can add self checkout to your business affordably and economically. 

BOPIS... What?

Customers have never been more demanding of knowing who has the items they are looking for. Compete with the big box stores with OpSuiteSHOP's Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) functionality. OpSuiteSHOP is directly tied to your store inventory in real time. As sales are made in the store, inventory available for purchase is directly updated on your website. Customers can see what you have and request to pickup the merchandise at your store. Our BOPIS solution features all the notifications and messaging needed to let your customers know when the order is ready and where to pick it up!

Customer Accounts

Do you sell to other businesses? Do you have repeat customers that you want to offer monthly billing? OpSuite features a complete customer account management system that works across 1 or 100 locations! Our accounts receivable solution can roll up purchases from multiple users into a single account, print statements, take payments, and keep your repeat customers happy with clear and concise purchase history information. 

Grow Management

Do you grow some or all of the product you sell? OpSuite Farm Manager module allows you to track the growth of your plants, schedule replantings or pot movements, and predict years of supply on hand based on existing sales and the amount of product you have planted.  Use Farm Manager to organize plots on your land, keep track of what is planted in each location, and provide ongoing information into your grow operation.  

Traditional eCommerce

eCommerce can be hard for nurseries, particularly those with multiple locations. Because the OpSuite Retail Ecosystem is one fully connected solution, you can have one or more eCommerce stores to fit your business model. Want to have one location that services your online sales? Done. Want to have an online store per location that reflects each location's individual inventory? Done. Let us show you how seamless eCommerce can become when all your data is in one easy to use system.

Stored Value / Gift and Donations

Just like the big box stores, OpSuite features built-in gift cards or electronic stored value accounts that work at all your locations. Want to help out the community? Engage OpSuite's donations programs where you can ask customers to round up their purchase or donate a fixed amount to a special cause.

Customer Loyalty

Incentivize your customer to keep coming back with OpSuite's customer loyalty solutions. Allow customers to earn points or cash back. Create programs to redeem points for special merchandise or other perks like a special discount.  OpSuite has all the tools you need to capture customers information efficiently then allow them to self identify at the time of sale so that they can continue to earn rewards. Add in OpSuiteCONNECT (our integrative email marketing) and you can reach out to your customers to let them know about your sales and special events without having to export data to some other email marketing solution.

Plant Bundling and Inventory Kits

Seasonality is always big in the garden center industry. Want to build Christmas baskets? Or how about a Fall bundle of pumpkins, corn stalks, and a variety of gourds? OpSuite's kitting solutions allow you to build out the bundles you desire and quickly price them while managing the inventory on the backend as each one is sold. 

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