Specialty Retail

Having worked side by side with retailers for more the 20 years, we picked up a few things along the way. We have deep expertise in providing solutions to each of these specialty retail sectors. Our OpSuite solution has been designed through the years with unique functionality to provide specific functionality to these industries. Our team can provide best practices and immediate return on investment for customers looking for these specific needs.

Venue and Event

The fastest speed of transaction, real time inventory, expedited transfers and replenishment, Self Checkout, VIP and suite pre-orders and delivery, integration with all the top in-venue loyalty and ticketing applications, and under 5 minute POS setup.  OpSuite was built for venues! Used in more than 50 of the top 100 US Venues. OpSuite has everything you need to be successful at venue or event retail.

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Garden - Nursery - Farm

Solutions for Point of Sale at the counter, order and inventory management in the yard, and complete farm management for those who go from seed to sale. From supporting detailed instructions for delivery orders to showing you how many years of supply your farm has, OpSuite keeps the green industry growing. OpSuite is a modern server-less solution that works anywhere you have an internet connection.

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Beauty Supply

Inventory! The life blood of the beauty industry has never been managed better and more efficiently than with OpSuite's easy-to-use tools. Hundreds of beauty supply retailers utilize OpSuite to manage inventory and quickly replenish via automated ordering routines.  Able to handle more than a million SKUs and instantly report on tens of millions of transactions, OpSuite will streamline your beauty supply business.

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