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Speedy Transactions

Lots of items sold fast! That is OpSuitePOS's claim to fame! We can sell fast and keep track of hundreds of thousands of SKUs so that your inventory is always up to date.  Add self checkout to your mix to both allow one cashier to monitor multiple registers and keep the line to a minimum when your store gets busy. Want to run a pop-up store remotely or do a sidewalk sale? OpSuite has POS solutions to fit all possible types and location you need to sell.

Handle Unlimited Items

The beauty supply industry has tens of thousands of items. Keeping track of what is selling and what is in inventory can be overwhelming. OpSuiteOFFICE has all the tools to quickly navigate inventory and run reports to see what is selling AND what is NOT selling.  Make reordering a breeze using OpSuite's configurable wizards to automate purchase order creation. You can build the model stocks of your items, set minimum and maximum supply levels, and even accommodate suppliers special order quantity requirements. 

Know Your Business

Instant information is key to running a successful business. With the OpSuite Retail Ecosystem, you can see everything going on in real time. View OpSuite data on a computer screen, tablet, or phone.  Sales information is reported as each transaction occurs. Inventory is instantly updated across the enterprise as sales are made in each selling location. See data globally or by smaller segments including by selling location, register, or cashier.  Segmentation of the data is built right into the OpSuite dashboards and reporting system.

Buy Online Pickup In Store

Fight the big boys by matching their technology without breaking the bank.  OpSuite's Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) solution works as a traditional website or as a mobile app. Beauty customers have changed the way they shop and now want to be able to pick up their order at your store. OpSuiteSHOP has all the tools to take the order, update the customer, and let them know when the order is ready for pickup at your store(s). 

Loyalty and Rewards

Nothing helps sales like return visits! Reward your customers in a variety of ways with OpSuite's promotions and loyalty solutions. Allow customers to earn points or spiff them with instant coupons for buying incrementally more products. Allow customers to redeem points for discounts or products - OpSuite handles it all and prompts your cashiers along the way ensuring your customer receives all the rewards they have earned!

Customer Accounts

Do you sell to other businesses? Do you have repeat customers that you want to offer monthly billing? OpSuite features a complete customer account management system that works across 1 or 100 locations! Our accounts receivable solution can roll up purchases from multiple users into a single account, print statements, take payments, and keep your repeat customers happy with clear and concise purchase history information. 


OpSuiteSHOP extends your OpSuite Retail Ecosystem to all corners of the web. The engine behind OpSuiteSHOP powers more than 300,000 online stores and allows for streamlined deployment of your ecommerce solution while returning the results of online sales directly to your OpSuiteOFFICE inventory and sales reporting. Choose from one of many templates or personally define what your site will look like. OpSuiteSHOP has all the tools to create that winning online experience. With OpSuiteSHOP, customers' orders entered on the website are directly available at the in-store register including their online purchase history so servicing the customer instore is quick and easy.  Buy online and return in store can be instantly validated!  Ask for a demo to see all the features!

At the POS Marketing

What if you could get a few more items into that basket right as they are checking out? OpSuitePOS features integrated marketing that faces the customer right at the time of payment! Let them know of your current promotions or inform them of an upcoming event. You can even ask for donations to community causes with options like rounding up to the next dollar or fix donation amounts. OpSuite has tools the surpass your competition and make your business look modern and efficient!

Self Checkout

The world of retail has changed forever. Now more than ever, you need tools that add to your customers' instore experience and make you more sales without increasing costs. Self checkout has come to all corners of retail and we are happy to offer an affordable speedy self checkout solution that will delight your customers.  Recent surveys of customer shopping trends show that for the first time, customers would rather use self checkout with under 10 items than work with a cashier. See how OpSuite can add self checkout to your business affordably and economically. 

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