The OpSuite Retail Ecosystem - Everything You Need to Thrive in Retail!


This is the OpSuite control center. All of your data is available instantly. All of your controls and configurations are available to access on any device from any location. Always know how your business is running up to the second.  Manage customer accounts, build promotions, and manage your inventory. OpSuiteOFFICE has all the features to help you succeed.


A sophisticated and mature Point Of Sale application that runs locally so that it is always available and ready to serve your customer. Choose from traditional full-service checkouts, mobile devices, or industry leading self checkout. See how the flexibility of our POS can modernize your store operations while being easy to use by today's retail employee.


Not just eCommerce but a sophisticated extension of your retail business that allows for customer acquisition, buying online with instore pickup, real time inventory information, and full integration to the POS so team members can manage an online purchase right at the sales counter.  OpSuiteSHOP dynamically conforms to traditional web browsers or any mobile device.


Keep your customers coming back! The OpSuite retail ecosystem has all the tools to collect customer information at all touch points: 1) at the POS via your integrated OpSuiteSHOP and 2) at the self checkout even with customer facing screens and payment terminals. Then use our OpSuiteCONNECT marketing engine to engage them consistently for return visits.

OpSuite for Venue and Events

See how OpSuite has been optimized for high demand retail environments. With amazing speed of transaction, instant reporting visibility and integrations to all major fan apps, OpSuite is ready for your event retail!

OpSuite for Green Industry

OpSuite's flexibility gives you a solution that travels from yard to counter to customer location without the need for you to maintain servers or advanced infrastructure. See how easy our solution can handle all your special needs.

OpSuite for Beauty Supply

Thousands of items to track, endless inventory to reorder, and customer accounts to manage. OpSuite helps automate these tasks and adds comprehensive customer marketing and loyalty tools to drive more sales for your business.


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